• HBOGO on linux?


    As the subject states, is there a way I can watch HBOGO Shows on Antergos? It appears there are several articles that are not supported in Linux for some reason:

    Is there a way around this so I can watch shows on HBO GO easily? Thanks in advance for everyone’s time and help with this issue!


  • Hi,

    I really don’t know if it will work, but did you try chromium-widevine? It’s in our repo.

    You can get more info here:


  • I have not looked into the widevine extension. I will investigate and take a look at it. Anyone else who may have been able to get this working (with widevine) or any other method?


  • @a4orce84 hi, i am using vivaldi for some month now and this one we have also in the repo, and with all codecs and widevine enabled, i try to view HBOGO and it shows up complete…
    But i do not have an subscription… so not try to view content.

  • I would rather get one of my existing browsers to work (Chromium, Chrome, Firefox) then adding a new browser to my arsenal.

    Thanks @joekamprad !

  • This is what it looks like when I go to HBO Go:

    I have the widedevine plugin already, and Netflix works correctly. Just not HBO Go.

    Thanks in advance!

  • you can try to get rid of that the side is blocking some stuff by knowing you are using Linux: http://spoofer-extension.appspot.com/

  • Bump, has anyone gotten this working with Chromium or FireFox?


  • Bump again. This should be doable.

  • I’ll give it a shot tomorrow. My wife is watching HBOGO…Chromecasting from my Android phone.

  • I’m still struggling with this if anyone has resolved it or not.

  • Do you know if HBO supports html5 nowadays? When HBO was available in The Netherlands (since last year they ceased their services over here) I had a subscription on it and it only worked on Android and iOS, Windows or Mac. For browser use they used Silverlight over here and that’s not supported in the Linux world. (or any platform)

  • @bpoerwo Even if they do, I can’t find it. They specifically list not only browser but OS requirements for online watching. I can get it to load to the holy flying cheerio, but beyond that it does nothing. It must somehow detect the OS and refuse loading. I haven’t ran a PCAP on the connection but I may soon.

  • I’m afraid nobody can fix this, except HBO itself. My guess is that they still use Silverlight, even though Microsoft dropped the development a few years ago. It turned out not to be safe, but most big streaming and cable providers already invested in the silverlight technology. Now most companies like HBO must invest to change the technology into html5 and that is a new investment for them. Not only do they have to change the platform, but they have to pay the copyright fees for series and movies again.
    Untill that is solved, HBO go will not be available for Linux. Just be patient, over here in The Netherlands we had the same issue with a big TV provider, but since last week (after two years of promises and waiting) their streaming content is available for all platforms.

  • I had no luck with widevine and Chromium. I can log in, select a show, but it hangs on a loading icon. I also subscribe to NBC Sports Gold to watch cycling and experience the same hang. I just use my Android phone and Chromecast to my TV, hoping that html5 support is around the corner.

  • Hey Everyone,

    Thought I’d bump this thread back up and see if there have been any workarounds or hacks with getting HBO Go working correctly? I just tried it again in Chrome and Firefox, and I am seeing the same behavior I did from a few months ago:

    Anyone figure out a workaround possibly? Thanks!

  • TTT. Any updates anyone?

  • @a4orce84

    See this: https://help.vivaldi.com/article/playing-netflix-hbo-and-amazon-prime-under-linux/
    And the build on ANtergos Repo have widivine included by default, plays DRM content and also encrypted streams … https://demo.castlabs.com/

  • HBO go uses flash per their site info. I have this same problem when trying to use NFL Sunday Ticket and a few other premium sites. This has annoyed me for a long time but I’ve never found an acceptable workaround.

    As others have said the easiest way is probably to cast it from a phone or some other device. I keep a small windows partition just for watching SundayTicket, which is quite annoying but what can you do.

    I’ve read a few articles where some linux users managed to get it working by installing a windows version of firefox in wine. Mint had a guide on their wiki but I can’t vouch for it’s success.

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