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    I currently have a modem/router hybrid set up as my main regular network.

    I am wanting to add a second router to this network for testing purposes. Yet when I connect the router to my PC directly (so ethernet from router to PC) or I connect the router to the modem/router hybrid I am not able to connect to it. I enter it’s IP address ( and it can’t connect.

    What am I missing here? Anywhere I should be starting?

  • @noobertroon

    Reset your router to default fabric settings.

    Connect your PC to the router. It should give you an IP if it has DHCP enabled (most home routers have it).

    Then, check your IP: ip link

    It will likely be 192.168.0.xxx or 192.168.1.xxx

    if it’s 192.168.0.xxx try to connect to
    if it’s 192.168.1.xxx try to connect to
    (and so on…)


  • lol

    I know the address of both routers and the second one, even connected to my PC does not connect.

    That is why I started this post…

    I have to reset the modem each time I want to connect to it and change settings? That does not make sense.

  • Hi,

    Let’s start again. Tell us:
    IP of your first router
    IP of your second “new” router
    IP of your PC

    You cannot connect two routers directly in the same network… (if you don’t setup them in bridge mode). You can set them in different networks (like one in and the other one in

    Can you explain a bit what do you want to attain?


  • Got it working, kind of.

    I have the Primary router/modem setup for everyone in the house on

    I now have a cable going from that to the second router at My computer is plugged directly into the second router and all is well.

    I keep reading I need to turn of the DHCP and set a different IP for the second router but when I did that it stopped working. I had to reset it again.

    So everything seems to be working the way I want it now…so I guess issue resolved.

    I just wanted a second WiFi network for pentesting purposes (testing things out).


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