• Plasma5 trouble, again, needed to reinstall my whole System

    Last week I had problems. I turned off my computer and when i restarted it some hours late, I lost my Plasma DE, I only had the wallpaper and a movable mouse pointer. Deleting the ~/.config and ~/.cache folder solved it though ( I still had to rebuild all my DE modifications though).
    Today, the same happened, again I only had a wallpaper and a movable mouse pointer, but this time deleting the both hidden folders did not solve it.
    I ended up with a OS reinstall and I presume I still need one to two days of work to have everthing ( including printing and scanning) working again.
    In both cases I neither installed/deinstalled or upgraded anything, the plasmashell just refused to start after that reboot process.
    I wonder if anyone else has observed such a strange behaviour with Plasma 5.

  • @Jeannie____ I also had to reinstall my KDE system last night. All of a sudden, while working with it, the whole desktop became really, really, really big. It was funny my desktop moved around and around whenever I tried to move the cursor. Since it would have been too hard to look deeper into what caused it (guess i d need 4 laptop screens to hold it plus it moved together with the cursor, I tried rebootin, turn it off, switch kernels, removing the battery.
    I then tried to re-install just the / partition. Same result.
    So, I too, also am in the process of configuring my new complete fresh insstall… (neither of my other plasma machines was affected).

  • This provokes the question if there are any similarities in hardware or system set-up that causes this strange behaviour. Especially because @anarch mentioned that his other plasma machines were not affected.

  • Ok, got the same problem. This needs the attention of the developers.
    Before rebooting the screen began to flicker wildly. I decided to reboot my system and did not get very far. After the Grub screen I got this:

    Inode 2678841
    /usr/share/mime/image/vnd.ms-modi.xml has invalide mode (05116)

    It runs fsck but end up with the message to run fsck manually.

    I have ran my Plasma set up for at least a year now without problem. Something went wrong during one of the last update. Yesterday, or the day before yesterday, i was still able to reboot without problem.

  • Additionally I got the following message when trying to open the Image file from my dual boot:

    Failed to open directory 'image'
    Error when getting information for file '/media/axioma/AntergosRoot/usr/share/mime/image/vnd.ms-modi.xml': Structure needs cleaning.

    Not sure if I could open it when in root. Waiting for directions from the developers.

  • @axioma said in Plasma5 trouble, again, needed to reinstall my whole System:

    /usr/share/mime/image/vnd.ms-modi.xml has invalide mode

    Wow. It’s fun that this is a Microsoft Document Imaging definition MIME file.

    This is how appears this file in my harddisk (I’m not using Plasma atm)

    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 3,5K 13 mai 10:26 vnd.ms-modi.xml

    And its contents:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <mime-type xmlns="http://www.freedesktop.org/standards/shared-mime-info" type="image/vnd.ms-modi">
      <!--Created automatically by update-mime-database. DO NOT EDIT!-->
      <comment>Microsoft Document Imaging format</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="ar">صيغة مستند تصوير مايكروسوفت</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="bg">Изображение — Microsoft Document Imaging</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="ca">format Microsoft Document Imaging</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="cs">formát Microsoft Document Imaging</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="da">Microsofts dokumentbilledformat</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="de">Microsoft-Document-Imaging-Bildformat</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="el">Μορφή Microsoft Document Imaging</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="en_GB">Microsoft Document Imaging format</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="es">formato de imagen para documentos de Microsoft</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="eu">Microsoft Document Imaging formatua</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="fi">Microsoft Document Imaging -muoto</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="fo">Microsoft Document Imaging snið</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="fr">format Document Imaging Microsoft</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="ga">formáid Microsoft Document Imaging</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="gl">formato de Microsoft Document Imaging</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="he">תבנית של Microsoft Document Imaging</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="hr">Microsoft Document Imaging format</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="hu">Microsoft Document Imaging formátum</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="ia">File in formato Microsoft Document Imaging</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="id">Format Microsoft Document Imaging</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="it">Formato MDI (Microsoft Document Imaging)</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="ja">Microsoft ドキュメントイメージフォーマット</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="kk">Microsoft Document Imaging пішімі</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="ko">Microsoft 문서 이미지 형식</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="lt">Microsoft Document Imaging formatas</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="lv">Microsoft dokumentu attēlošanas formāts</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="nl">Microsoft Document Imaging</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="oc">format Document Imaging Microsoft</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="pl">Format Microsoft Document Imaging</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="pt">formato Microsoft Document Imaging</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="pt_BR">Formato do Microsoft Document Imaging</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="ro">Format Microsoft Document Imaging</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="ru">формат Microsoft Document Imaging</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="sk">Formát Microsoft Document Imaging</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="sl">Zapis Microsoft Document Imaging</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="sr">запис слика Мајкрософтовог документа</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="sv">Microsoft Document Imaging-format</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="tr">Microsoft Belge Görüntüleme biçimi</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="uk">формат Microsoft Document Imaging</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="vi">Định dạng tạo ảnh tài liệu Microsoft</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="zh_CN">Microsoft Document Imaging 扫描图像</comment>
      <comment xml:lang="zh_TW">微軟文件影像格式</comment>
      <expanded-acronym>Microsoft Document Imaging</expanded-acronym>
      <glob pattern="*.mdi"/>
  • @axioma which filesystem are you using?

  • @karasu I am using Ext4
    I have reinstalled my whole system again. Then I checked the mime folder; the same file was there. The mime folder contains a whole bunch of image related files. I guess this makes it possible for the system to encode different image files, including MS image files.
    Just curious how this got corrupted.

  • @karasu
    My /usr/share/mime/image/vnd.ms-modi.xml looks exactly like this too.
    Freshly installed Antergos 17.5-x86_64 with Plasma5.
    Is there any explanation why my old plasma system got corrupted during a reboot yet? Or will this remain a mystery forever?

  • @Jeannie____ said in Plasma5 trouble, again, needed to reinstall my whole System:

    The contents of my /usr/share/mime/image/vnd.ms-modi.xml look exactly like this too.
    Freshly installed Antergos 17.5-x86_64 with Plasma5.
    Is there any explanation why my old plasma system got corrupted during a reboot yet? Or will this remain a mystery forever?

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