• CA0132 Microphone issue

    I installed Antergos today, and struggled with getting the headphones output working, but I’m having issues with the microphone input. I’m using a Gigabyte G1.Sniper Z87, which has an integrated Creative sound card.

    It looks like that input is working as a line-in, because I’m getting audio when plugging it in into an amplified source, such as my phone, but nothing when plugging the mic in. I tried touching everything in alsamixer and HDAAnalyzer. Mic boost is on, but apparently it’s still not working. It does something though, as the input from my phone gets boosted, but not enough to pick up the microphone.

    Has anyone else had this issue? I know this card has poor linux support, but would like to get it working. Will provide more info if it’s needed.

  • try to unmute beep with alsamixer.
    Seems that there is an failure with some cards…
    alt text

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