• Can't login after installing GDM Login Manager

    After I enter my username and password I get the message in the image below. I just need help getting logged in so I can uninstall GDM, thanks :)


  • @aadne.jacobsen
    Some additional info:
    Im running Antergos with Openbox on a 2011 Macbook Pro.

  • Can you try LXDM manager ?
    do this ctrl + alt + f2 then login , then sudo pacman -S lxdm, then sudo systemctl disable gdm , sudo systemctl enable lxdm, reboot

  • @rusty This worked, thank you.

  • you’re welcome, change your case to solved.

  • @rusty I’ve come to realize it’s best to switch login manager to LXDM. It works the best for me with all the distros I use. One reason is I have different users and I’m able to use the Switch User function. While other DM have issues with it.

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  • I noticed that too. However, cinnamon came with its own fork of lightdm, (correct me if Im wrong) I might try that.

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