• KDE Plasma - Home and Trash Icons Missing on Desktop?

    Hello - I clean installed Antergos yesterday using the latest available full ISO. For whatever reason, I cannot get the Home and Trash icons on the desktop. I have the desktop set to Folder View Mode, and it seems to be showing the contents of my Desktop folder (a single file). But I have no options that I can find to display Home and Trash like i used to be able to.


    Any ideas or suggestions?

  • Using Plasma, think Plasma. There’s no a place, a switch, a separate option to show Home or Trash in Plasma.

    Simply link any place, or anything you wish, into a folder, whose content is shown on the desktop. With Folder View desktop layout it is ususally the ~/Desktop folder, in user’s home.

    Simply open Dolphin, and drag&drop -while holding down the Alt key - Home and Trash icons from Places panel on the left into the ~/Desktop folder.

    Alternatively, create two empty text files in the ~/Desktop folder. Name them home and trash. Place into them the following content:

    • home

      [Desktop Entry]
    • trash

      [Desktop Entry]
  • @just Interesting. Did this change? My last install to this laptop was last year, and this used to be a default setting when using Folder View.

  • Honestly, I don’t know. In Production my Arch installs run since 2012, Antergos installs run since 2015. Many things have changed since then.

    I install Antergos from time to time in Testing, to take a brief look at Cnchi and DEs news, but don’t move it into Production, and don’t study it in every minimal detail.

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