• Update Manager not respecting 'Check for updates' frequency...

    Hi all,

    New Antergos user here, recently switched from Ubuntu/Linux Mint and loving Antergos and all it offers!

    I set the ‘Check for updates’ to 168hours (7 days), but every time I turn my PC on I seem to get new updates coming through. Is there something I’m doing wrong, or could it be a bug?

    Any help would be fantastic!

    Thanks in advance,

  • @fotonut-nz said

    I set the ‘Check for updates’ to 168hours (7 days), but every time I turn my PC on I seem to get new updates coming through

    That is 168hours (7 days) from the moment you turn on your pc… -:)

  • Oh, I see. Thanks for that @anarch.

    Is there anyway to make this 7 days irrespective of whether the PC is rebooted or not? I’m fairly confident in saying this was possible with Mint, so should be possible for Antergos as well?

  • Bear in mind that, unlike Mint, Antergos is a rolling release distro. Updates and upgrades come up on a daily basis (almost always) and sometimes massive ones and critical to the stability of the system. The more frequent you update/upgrade the better/safer/trouble-free.
    by the way, pamac is not an Antergos app, so the Antergos team can t be of any help.

  • Hi…
    Other users on this forum advokates to wait with updates for a week (@joekamprad). For this reason I too adjusted the pamac to wait for 168 hours. Now I understand that this is not working. What is then reccomended? Just wait a week before puching the update button or update every day?

  • Yes choose one day a week to proceed with updates, information about updates are only information, no need to see this as a must press the button now! ;)
    Also if you need to install a programm it is better to have the system up to date before installing. it is only to get rid of to many investigation all the time.

  • Beside that I do a pacman -Syu everyday and don’t have any troubles with that I strongly recommend to read the archlinux frontpage before pushing the button!
    And make sure you have time to troubleshoot if something goes wrong so no update in a hurry for example short before you have to go to work.
    Also do not update if you have to use your PC shortly after.


  • @mutze that’s why i say best is to do updates ones a week with time in the back.

  • @joekamprad for me there are no problems in doing it everyday. I can do all that I have to do without any Xserver running if I have to, but as I said before I never run in troubles that can not be solved within minutes. I think this is because I don’t use any DE wich is the main reason for troubles around this forum.
    What I wrote in my previous post was only to strengthen your statement.


  • @mutze i do updates also daily, but most of the users are shocked if they do not get into graphical environment…

  • Exactly!
    Therefore it can’t be said often enough to take your time with updates if you are not familiar with the things that can and will happen.
    It looks we are in the same boat on this…


  • As I am quite fond of my GUI I think I follow @joekamprad advice here. Wait some days between upgrades. Read a few forum-posts here and the front page of Archlinux to catch some possible problems and have time to fix issues… good advices. Thanks.

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