• Stuck on "Getting ready your disk(s)" on only UEFI netbook

    I’ve bought recently an ASUS E200H.
    There is no way to switch to Bios or to legacy mode, I’ve checked F2 menu with attention. I can only deactivate secure Boot.

    Every time I try to install antergos (even if I umount the disk before install) I get this “Getting ready your disk(s)”.

    Any idea?

  • Once you deactivate secure-boot, the option to switch Legacy Mode <> UEFI should appear…

  • It doesn’t appear. Is antergos supposed to be installed with UEFI?

  • @robet said in Stuck on "Getting ready your disk(s)" on only UEFI netbook:

    It doesn’t appear. Is antergos supposed to be installed with UEFI?

    As far as I know, yes Antergos can be installed with UEFI. But dont ask me how… :)

  • EFI is supported, and installation should work, but may check your disk partitions befor starting installation, depending on what you have on HD, you can use gparted inside the LIVEISO to free space on the HD before installation, reboot and try again.
    If you want to dualboot with another OS you should be carefull. And read the WIKI before:

  • I used cfdisk to erase space for installation, but problem persist. The installation target device is a 32BG internal SSD. Somewhere i red that isntall chchi-developers should work. Is it right?

  • If you do not have a second OS, installation should work with uefi , also on a ssd.
    can you provide more info about the netbook?

  • It’s an ASUS E200H (this is what I read on box). Which kind of information do you nedd?

  • then it is a internal 32GB eMMC … not ssd harddrive…
    You should choose manual partition of the disk in the installer (cnchi) there is mnay an issue with automatic partition on such devices.

    |250MB for /boot (ext4)| | 25GB for / (ext4) | |5GB for swap (swap) extended partition|

  • Yes, my bad, it’s not a SSD, it’s a eMMC.
    Ok, I’ve choosen manual partitioning, I created swap and ext4 partition, but it asks me for the /boot/efi partition. Is it necessary? Is there a guide that explain me that?

  • oh yes i forget about EFI… you need a fat partition for it with 200MB mounted on /boot/efi

  • So a 200MB partition FAT32 with mount point /boot/efi?

  • depending also on what you want to use for bootup grub or systemdboot… but standard is using grub with efi-boot mounted as /boot/efi, you can exclude an extra partition for /boot also then this is inside / (works the same )

  • I used /boot/efi as standard. Now installation is going without problems. Thank you for your precious support.

  • you are welcome!

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