• VLC troubles

    I have been used to realize some desktop record videos. I use SimpleScreenRecorder to produce them. My last one (sound: Vorbis, video: h264, container: .mp4) gave me strange results:

    • mplayer could read it without any problem (image and sound)
    • VLC (Arch package) gave a perfect sound but a black screen
      I tried VLC with Wine (so Windows package) to get the same result.
      I tried VLC with Windows7 which could read it though the image quality was not very good).
    • Totem gave a good video but no sound.
      I am puzzled by these results, specially for VLC since it is supposed not to use any codec dependency.

    I am looking for advice to “cure” VLC since, upto now, it seemed to be the most reliable tool of the trade.

  • @roger64 i had this same issue on KDE. Here is what worked for me

    open vlc and go: Tools > Preferences > Video

    then where is says output, switch it to xvideo output (xcb) and save and restart VLC.
    hopefully this works for you too.

  • The problem has been solved without me doing anything but installing a nvidia driver instead of nouveau. A big update occurred at the same time so I can’t confirm the real reason.

    What is sure is that for now, I consistently read this same video normally and I really did nothing intently for solving it. Understand who can…

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