• Pamac update notifier missing ! No notifications in Tray.

    Sir i am using KDE.

    Pamac is very nice frontend for package management. i know i can use -Syu command to check for updates using terminal.
    i have set 24 hours duration to check for updates in pamac. also i have enabled for system tray notification in pamac settings. but when i boot my pc everyday it doesnt show any update notification in system tray.

    i was on manjaro and octopi had notifer. i mean here am i missing any dependency which comes with pamac. or pamac is not integrated with kdenotifications yet ??

    please forgive if i said anything wrong.

  • @just thank a lot. It worked.

  • Some more info @Sam-N . Because pamac is a GTK app you will notice thatunder QT the icon is non functional when you click on it. It can only change color when you receive new updates and nothing else. To have it fully functional you can replace it with pamac-tray-appindicator from AUR.
    OR alternatively install octopi which is a QT app (personally I find pamac more feature-rich).

  • @anarch omg! many thanks. pamac indicator is even better.

    yes octopi is qt. but i dont pefer octopi. pamac is much simpler in interface and displays all description of every package on a single page.
    Also in pamac i can add the list of packages which i want to ignore for updates to save my internet data.

  • I quite agree with you. One more hidden feature I adore. Double click on a package name and it will bring you extra info about it (package page, details, dependencies, etc).

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