• Can't boot on grub


    I just installed Antergos with no problems but now I can’t boot on Antergos. When I start my computer, Windows is booting. I followed the tutorial in the wiki.

    Could you help me? I already tried many things but my problem isn’t solved yet.


  • @hopper said in Can't boot on grub:

    I followed the tutorial in the wiki.

    @hopper said in Can't boot on grub:

    I already tried many things

    @hopper said in Can't boot on grub:

    Could you help me?

  • @joekamprad

    I followed the dual boot tutorial from It’s FOSS.

    I tried to reinstall grub but I coudn’t mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot/efi.

  • Without some more details it is hard to help.
    As you are using the EFI Dualboot howto i would say you are on a EFI system and you are creating the partion table manual, (not automatic) so i need to know how it looks like.

  • Hi!
    This is a rather basic question, but did you perhaps neglect to disable secure boot in BIOS?
    Hopefully this helps🙂

  • In addition, it could just be that your “boot order” in your BIOS places Windows first before Antergos. Putting Antergos before Windows might fix this🙂

  • Last answer is 15 days old, he probably he has given up or tried another installation …

  • Sorry I forgot my post here.

    I didn’t neglect to disable secure boot and the boot order must be fine(I tried every possibilities).

  • $ sudo gdisk -l /dev/sda

    will show you the partition-table…

    cat /etc/fstab

    would be also interesting…

    you will need to boot from Install-Iso(CD-USB) and chroot into installed system, again, to repair grub installation, but as you say, you are fail to mount efi-boot, we need to investigate into what is wrong first…

  • Hi!

    I know that this is probably not exactly the answer you are looking for, but by far the easiest way to rectify your solution might be to just make another attempt at installing Antergos. For me at least, I had to try multiple times before I got it to work, but once I finally did, it worked fabulously. While installing can be a pain, it is certainly worth it in the end🙂

    Good luck!

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