• Pulseaudio --- The Saga Continues

    This all started when I installed a Sony EyeToy webcam and microphone. The webcam worked fine right away, but pulseaudio didn’t get the microphone working. Although the microphone shows in pavucontrol, it doesn’t show movement; so that means that sound is not going through. I was able to add a line in /etc/pulse/default.pa to get it working: load-module module-alsa-source device=hw:4,0

    It worked fine for a day. Then I unplugged the usb cable, I don’t want a webcam and mic plugged in around the clock, and pulseaudio went to hell. Things started to disappear. Now my internal sound card’s microphone doesn’t show up, etc. So I removed the line in default.pa, and pulseaudio started up again, but my eyetoy microphone was not working, and when I put it back in, pulse won’t start.

    So I think I’m going about this the wronh way or pulseaudio is incredibly fragile. Any thoughts?

  • removing all local saved stuff from pulse: .config/pulse/ in your home directory, may reset pulseaudio for user.

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