• Pulseaudio has gone rogue on me!

    This morning I rebooted and got a message that devices were missing. I had never gotten this message before. When I went into settings, multimedia, some of the devices were grayed out, and there were second copies of the same devices not grayed out. I moved the active devices up the preference ladder and rebooted. I received the same message. When I checked settings, multimedia, all the devices were gone, and I only saw pulseaudio. At this point, the sound still worked. Later I rebooted again, and everything disappeared from settings, multimedia, and I no longer have sound. Any thoughts?

  • @Mike-Bee I fixed it. Apparently as these devices disappeared and reappeared, the device number changed. I had to comment out the default device in /etc/pulse/default.pa in order to get the pulseaudio server started.

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