• Cinnamon 3.x.x hightly unstable with nVidia Quadro NVS 5100m


    recently I’ve installed Antergos with cinnamon on a HP EliteBook 8540p. The Laptop have a Quadro NVS 5100m.
    On this laptop Cinnamon is highty unstable and crash a lot. WIth Cinnamon < 3.4.x changing TTY would resolve the problem but with Cinnamon > 3.4.x the system has gotten way more ustable (changinf TTY does nothing).

    I use the nVdia proprietary driver (340xx) but the problem is worse with nouveau (the computer won’t even load Light DM).

    I think its a problem with Cinnamon and this particular card, I’va gor an other laptopn (old Asus) with a GeForce GT220m with the same driver installed and everything is fine.

    Have some one any idea about that? Going file an issue in Cinnamon GitHUb? some packet to install?

  • So may the problem is not related to cinnamon itself it can be a driver/hardware issue, but without any logs we can not say anything.

    echo ---lspci--- > logs && lspci >> logs && echo ---lsusb--- >> logs && lsusb >> logs && echo ---dmesg--- >> logs && dmesg >> logs && echo ---journalctl-b--- >> logs && journalctl -b >> logs && tar -cf logs.tar logs

    plz post the logs.tar link https://filebin.ca/

  • Sorry and thank you I did not remembered the log command. Here is your link.


    (I prefere to use framadrop a service part of “degoogling” action in my country, its done with FOSS softwares and free and secure)

    I first though of cinnamon because after the recent uptadte to the last version of it the situation has gotten worse.

  • No idea?

    I don’t know anymore where do it come most of the time changing TTY make it work bu I have to “button” reboot a lot. When comming back to Xorg TTY some time Cinnamon show a message like “would you like to restart cinnamon”, some time it restart every thing nvidia splash screen > lightDM > Cinnamon, most of the time it goes back were it stoped.

    I don’t know any more what to do.

  • How you are install graphics Driver?
    Looks like Hybrid graphics? Bumblebee???
    May you try this:

    $ sudo pacman -S nvidia-installer
    nvidia-installer -t -b

    And have a Look what it give you.

  • Both with Cnchi and manual way following Archwiki. The two methods give the same results.

    I don’t think there is any hybrid graphics, I’m not sure the i5 m560 and the nvs 5100m are compatible with that. And I don’t recall any of this on windows when I still used it on this laptop. Also it worked is worked without problem till this autumn that’s what the most disturbing for me, I never have used this before even when I still did manual Arch install.

    [[email protected] ~]$ nvidia-installer -t -b
    2017-05-12 13:52:38 [INFO]: Antergos Nvidia Installer v1.12
    2017-05-12 13:52:38 [INFO]: All logs will be stored in /tmp/nvidia-installer.log
    2017-05-12 13:52:38 [INFO]: Running the installer in testing mode...
    2017-05-12 13:52:38 [INFO]: Installing bumblebee driver...
    2017-05-12 13:52:38 [INFO]: Removing conflicting packages...
    2017-05-12 13:52:38 [INFO]: pacman -Rs --noconfirm --noprogressbar --nodeps xf86-video-nouveau
    2017-05-12 13:52:38 [INFO]: pacman -Rs --noconfirm --noprogressbar --nodeps nvidia-340xx-utils
    2017-05-12 13:52:38 [INFO]: pacman -Rs --noconfirm --noprogressbar --nodeps lib32-nvidia-340xx-utils
    2017-05-12 13:52:38 [INFO]: Downloading and installing driver packages, please wait...
    2017-05-12 13:52:38 [INFO]: pacman -Sqy --noconfirm --noprogressbar bumblebee mesa xf86-video-intel nvidia virtualgl nvidia-settings bbswitch lib32-nvidia-utils lib32-virtualgl lib32-mesa
    2017-05-12 13:52:38 [INFO]: Adding user nekosan to bumblebee group...
    2017-05-12 13:52:38 [INFO]: gpasswd -a nekosan bumblebee
    2017-05-12 13:52:38 [INFO]: Adding user nekosan to video group...
    2017-05-12 13:52:38 [INFO]: gpasswd -a nekosan video
    2017-05-12 13:52:38 [INFO]: Patching /usr/share/applications/nvidia-settings.desktop...
    2017-05-12 13:52:38 [INFO]: sed -i s|Exec=/usr/bin/nvidia-settings|Exec=optirun -b none /usr/bin/nvidia-settings -c :8| /usr/share/applications/nvidia-settings.desktop
    2017-05-12 13:52:38 [INFO]: /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-nvidia.conf not found. That's ok.
    2017-05-12 13:52:38 [INFO]: Installation finished. Nothing has been modified as testing mode was ON.

    I don’t understand that out put at all because this would install nvidia driver but this card need nvidia-340xx.

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