• Nemo 3.4 Compact view

    Theorically, the things should progress from bad to good. Actually, they regress from good to bad. Examples:

    • Grub gets replaced by Grub 2
    • Gtk 2 gets replaced by Gtk 3
    • Gnome 2 gets replaced by Gnome 3
    • thousans of beautiful Gtk 2 themes get replaced by Adwaita
    • Nautilus looses Compact view mode
    • various init systems get replaced by systemd
    • Kde 3 gets replaced by Kde 4, then by Kde 5
    • Default dolphin looses root ability

    The list is longer. A new link in the chain is:

    • Nemo’s Compact view with unclear purpose and functionality

    This is how Compact view looks like in Nemo 3.2.2. It looks the same as in Caja (Mate), Dolphin and Konqueror (Kde), old Nautilus in Gnome 2:

    This is how Compact view looks like in Nemo 3.4.1:

    In Nemo 3.4.1 Compact view the items are not arranged in colums anymore but in rows. Exactly as in Icon view. If the item titles in Compact view are placed below the icons, then any difference between Icon and Compact views disappears.

    Views Defaults dialog in Nemo 3.4.1 still thinks that Compact view items are arranged by colums:

    Either checking or unchecking the setting has no effect in Compact view now - the items are not displayed by colums…

    Finally, scrolling the Compact view with mouse wheel somewhere inside the view and outside of the scrollbar doesn’t work anymore. The view scrolls with the wheel only when the mouse pointer is placed exactly over a scrollbar. On the picture below wheel scrolling doesn’t work - the mouse hovers outside the scrollbar:

    One shock after another. With aftershocks.

  • These are exatly the reasons why I stay away from graphical interfaces as far as I can.
    If it wasn’t for the ease of use I wouldn’t use vivaldi for surfing. Beside that there is only gimp.

    File Browser - Ranger
    Email - Mutt(Neomutt)
    Editor - Vim
    Music - I use a Server(without interface) controlled only by tablet or phone
    System-Monitoring - htop
    Installing Updating packages - pacman and pacaur.
    to be continued…

    In my earlier days with linux I was used to use grafical frontends but since gtk3…


  • @just I understand your fustration. As @mutze I’m starting to use a lot of console apps because I’m also tired of GUI changes that I do not understand.

    i3 has become my main wm and I’m not looking back.

    Having said that, your rant here will have no consequences… have you tried to post in Linux Mint forums about this Nemo regression?

    It could be that this is not Nemo devs fault, but some Gtk3 change.


  • @karasu said in Nemo 3.4 Compact view:

    Having said that, your rant here will have no consequences…

    Yes, I understand this perfectly and do not even think about any reaction from Antergos. It was a moment of weakness on my part, it was too difficult to suffer in silence.

  • @mutze
    GTK3 with it’s hardcoded theme and all kinds of so called improvements that were mostly introduced by the work of the GTK3 Gnome developers were the reason why I finally changed to Plasma5 and QT last year.
    Had my troubles with Plasma5 too, but these were very minor in comparison to all the problems I encountered when I still used GTK DEs.
    Maybe it’s time to show the libgnome GTK devs the finger and fork that whole thing

  • Hi, Cinnamon people,

    Good news. There were some important Cinnamon pkgs upgrade today. To name a few:

    ==> Software upgrade (new version) :
    antergos/antergos-keyring         20150806-1           -> 20170524-1
    antergos/cinnamon                 3.4.0-1              -> 3.4.1-1
    antergos/cinnamon-desktop         3.4.0-1              -> 3.4.1-1
    antergos/cinnamon-settings-daemon 3.4.0-1              -> 3.4.1-1
    antergos/cinnamon-translations    3.4.1-1              -> 3.4.2-1
    antergos/cjs                      3.4.0-1              -> 3.4.1-1
    antergos/nemo                     3.4.1-1              -> 3.4.2-1

    They repaired the broken Nemo’s Compact view functionality. The items are displayed in columns again, and mouse wheel scrolling works anywhere inside the view and not on scrollbars only.

    Nemo’s Compact view works as it always did and is usable again.

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