• Install on one partition as multiboot with windows 7 and 10.

    I already have windows 7 and 10 installed on my MBR hard drive. I can only make up to 4 partitions and I already have 3 (Win 10, Win 7 and auto-made windows restore drive). When installing antergos, I am seemingly required to have 2 partitions avalable, one for / and one for /boot. I was unable to make more than 1 more partition before reaching the limit of 4 and being unable to continue. I then made an extended partition with 2 logical partitions and “succesfully” installed antergos. However, I was then unable to boot into it from either my BIOS or Windows’ “Choose your operating system” splash screen, apparently because Windows does not look for extended partitions. I have since deleted this extended partition and am left with 3 primary partitions and 30gb of unallocated space. I am stumped on how to install Antergos on to my computer. Deleting one of the 3 partitions or changing the drive to GPT is not an option.

    Thanks for any help.

    Edit: Will post this image in case it helps:

  • /boot can not be inside extended partition i think.

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  • @joekamprad It gave me a choice between /boot and /boot/efi or something. Both required a partition that was Fat32 formatted.

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