• Plasma5 suddenly boots into wallpaper plus mouse pointer only

    Today, I booted up my antergos plasma5 system and it booted into a screen that shows wallpaper plus movable mouse pointer, xorg seems to work, as sddm is being displayed properly. I can’t do anything, the system stays completely unresponsive. I have no clue what has caused this. Any ideas where to start troubleshooting?

  • Very seldom - once, max twice a year, - but it happens. I never tried to figure out why. I simply restart X-server with Ctrl+Alt+Backspace and then reboot. Plasma has always started normally after reboot.

  • Tried your advice, didn’t change anything. Still only the unresponsive wallpaper with mousepointer.
    I noticed that I can login to a working plasma5 de when I login as different user ( root).

  • I was suspecting that it is somehow related to compositing. Try to start without the compositor. I don’t know, how to do it from terminal. If you can reach System Settings GUI - systemsettings5 from terminal or from Alt+F2, - then uncheck Enable compositor on startup:


    If Plasma starts normally, you can re-enable compositor later.

  • I can login to a working desktop as root as well as another user with compositing enabled. My “default” user account seems to be completely fubar though. Is there a way to remove the user profile for my default user?

  • @Jeannie____ said in Plasma5 suddenly boots into wallpaper plus mouse pointer only:

    …Is there a way to remove the user profile for my default user?

    Yes, sure, why not. Everything is possible in Linux, including impossible.

    How to delete a user in Arch.

    1. Boot into root bash shell, without GUI. It ensures that no regular user is in use, and may be modified or deleted.

      1a. Add init=/bin/bash at the end of the boot line.

      1b. Boot. You’re in bash, automagically logged in as root.

      1c. Remount the / file system as writeable:

      mount -n -o remount,rw /
    2. Delete a user, removing his home dir and mail spool:

      userdel --remove [user]
    3. Reboot

    4. Done

    Beware: if you’re the only user in a system, you’ll not be able to login - there will be no a regular user to login with.

    Use useradd command to add a new regular user. Study it while you’re in root bash and add a new user before rebooting.

  • I seem not to have found the correct words. I don’t want to delete the whole user from my system, I’d rather like to just remove my user’s plasma 5 settings? profile?.

  • It’s more difficult. Kde3, 4, 5 never kept user settings in a single place. Most common places, where Kde settings are stored, are:

    • ~/.config
    • ~/.local
    • ~/.kde4 (even in Kde5 Plasma)
    • ~/.cache

    If you have a good backup, with a working Plasma, then you could try to completely delete these folders content.

  • Out of curiosity, would switching to, lets say, lightDM give the same result?
    There were times when SDDM failed on me and resorted to it. Currently, my conky doesn t display properly under SDDM and I m under lightDM fot the last couple of months or so.

  • I have solved the problem. I had to delete my /~.config folder to get a working desktop back. I still have no idea how this could happen.

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