• Gnome shell exits with code 11 every night

    Over the last few days I have woken up to a black screen, making me hard restart to solve the issue and get back in. Today however, I happened to be awake when it started to crash, and seemingly me moving my mouse seems to have stopped it.

    I immediately checked the logs to see what had happened, and I was greeted with this report:

    Looking back it seems it also failed at 2:21 pm today as well, with the same error code.

    I am wondering what might be causing it to fail as such.

  • can you give some system info?

    lspci > logs && dmesg >> logs && tar -cf logs.tar logs

    and post the file logs.tar mayby here https://filebin.ca/

  • @joekamprad https://filebin.ca/3LZgS1uDFNGp
    There are a lot of usb errors, it’s my keyboard. But that is not the issue now

    System specs:
    i5 4690
    gtx 970
    16gb ddr3

  • 1856 times error from the same usb device.
    This is problematic!..
    A hardware defect also if only kind a loose connection it can causes little short circuit and this can be very bad for other hardware.

    There are no real failure/Error aside of this on bootup.
    But the log you provide before as a screenshot show some stuff that can be simple caused by a not compatible theme also.
    If you can provide this also as text somehow i will be able to do research on it more deeply.

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