• LightDM crashes after sleep/suspend, even when logged out of Desktop

    Hi guys,

    Don’t know if I put this in the right area. Feel free to suggest another one.

    LightDM crashes every time I suspend (well 8 out of 10 maybe). Symptoms are: suspend, unsuspend, LightDM is gone, black screen with cursor only is there. This happens, whether I’m logged into my desktop environment and have apps up but it also happens when I’m completely logged out of my session and hit suspend from the lightdm menu. From the fact that it happens from the login screen when I’m logged out, I don’t think’s DE or app related. Hitting Ctrl-Alt-F2, logging into terminal and entering systemctl -restart lightdm brings it back but I’d like to fix it if possible.

    Any ideas? My logs from the last crash are attached to the thread in a tar.

    I’m on X11 (not Wayland), XFCE
    Hardware: Asus Maximus ROG Gene VIII mobo with i7 4790k, nVidia (MSI Twin Frozer) GTX 1080, 32GB Ram (G.Skills Ripjaws I think), running an SSD with LUKS encryption for root

    [0_1494014758147_logs-2017-05-05_15-59-09.tar](Uploading 100%)

  • The log doesn’t seem to have uploaded. Here is an external link:


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