• Has anyone had any luck getting Mycroft to work?

    I installed Mycroft from the AUR, but it doesn’t just run. I don’t want to put in a lot of time on this if no one has it working on Arch. Please let me know if you have it running and you think it works well.


  • HI!
    For me, the short answer is no. Granted, I have not tried it on Arch, but instead on an Ubuntu derivative, which was an officially supported platform for Mycroft. Even that did not work entirely, All I got was “Hello” and something about “Insufficient data to process blah blah blah” I tried multiple times on that distro, but the closest I ever got to functionality was that. It could have been me, but I would suspect that if that did not work on a supported platform, the one from the AUR would not either. The long answer is possibly. As I said, I have not tried it on Arch, and I am no coder. I did not mess with the Mycroft packages at all and only attempted to install them. Like you, I didn’t feel the need to spend hours of my time on it.
    I know that probably did not help much, but I didn’t see anyone responding so I did. Hope that helps and good luck!

  • @Mike-Bee You should try to run mycroft through terminal, then the errors will be displayed and you copy/paste them here for adding more info to your post. Maybe someone will be able to help you.

  • @fernandomaroto I’ve decided not to pursue Mycroft. All my research says that even if I getting working, it’s not very good. Yesterday I got PocketSphinx to run, and it’s awful. So for now I will forget my dream of a keyboardless system ;)

  • @Mike-Bee i searched a lot about it and didn’t find a solution some time ago too.
    One thing you can try is to use easystroke after configured you can do many things with it and save a lot of time. It’s a mouse gesture recognition software, and there is a very good series on youtube about it.

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