• Installing Antergos to USB

    I didn’t see your latest post in time (I was so eager to get Antergos working that I already gave it another go and it is currently installing, yet again) so I didn’t try the Legacy mode, although I’ll be sure to do so if this fails. However, this one looks more encouraging as it allowed me to use the “/boot/efi” already on my system with no problems! Hopefully this works!

    Note: the result (which was a success) is on the next page. Thank you very much for all of the help.😀

  • Hi again! It’s FINALLY WORKING!!!
    The last install took awhile and I wanted to test it out first to make sure it worked, but I am now writing this from Antergos! Thank you so very much for all of your help. Antergos seems SO much faster than my other OSes, namely Zorin OS 12 (a derivitive of Ubuntu) and Windows 10 (which I only keep around for HDMI purposes). Both Antergos’ performance and your helpfulness are making me consider replacing Zorin with it. Thank you so much. Again.

  • @A-User You’re welcome friend; and welcome to Antergos comunity!


  • For anyone that may be having or will have the same problems as I did, just follow this amazing article posted by fernandomaroto earlier on in this thread. For the correct amounts to assign each partition, just Google it (although I had to leave a little space for the grub boot loader on my USB, which I couldn’t find through the help of Google. I ended up just setting aside, as empty space, around 500 MB, although I believe that may have been too much or even possibly unnecessary). Thanks again everyone!

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