• Gitkraken from the Antergos repo is crashing

    Hey :)

    I am using Gitkraken for a while now and it is really cool, that you have it in your repo, so I don’t depend on the AUR. However, I am not able to use it since version 2.4, because it is crashing as soon as I open a repo inside Gitkraken (the window gets white and Gitkraken opens again without an opened repo).
    After installing the package from AUR it is working correctly. First I assumed, that the package “libcurl-openssl” makes the difference, because it is not included in your package, but also when I have installed it, the same problem occurs.
    Do you have any idea, how to solve it?


  • Hello, I’m also using GitKraken and have the same problem.
    When I fetch I get this white screen and crash
    Anyone knows about that ?

  • I finally found a “solution”,
    I use the git version on aur, but a problem with libcurl-openssl-1.0 prevent the installation so it work if you get the gpg key :

    $ gpg --recv-keys 5CC908FDB71E12C2

    if gpg don’t want to get the key, try downgrading gnupg to 2.1.18-2 or 2.1.17-2

  • Yeah, I’m also using this workaround, so I can still using Gitkraken. But sadly it’s not a solution for the problem of the package in the Antergos-repo :/

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