• Can't Start Wayland Plasma from LightDM or SDDM

    I am using the latest Nvidia proprietary drivers on a GTX 980 Ti. I installed the plasma-wayland-session and the sddm packages. However, whenever I try to start the session from either the LightDM or the SDDM, the screen turns black for a moment before taking me back to the login manager.

    What do I need to do to use the plasma wayland session?

  • Is this working at all? i hear only that this does not work with nvidia driver, others seems to work like AMD and Intel…

  • @joekamprad thank you for your response. I’m under the impression from KDE Archwiki that it is in fact working.

    alt text

    I know that Nvidia introduced Wayland support into their drivers some time ago. Is it in fact not supported from a KDE level, then? I can’t find anything concrete.

  • @joekamprad So, correct me if I’m wrong. If I want to attempt to use Wayland with Nvidia proprietary drivers, then I need to use Gnome? Or Wayland with Nvidia doesn’t work at all?

  • At the moment Wayland doesn’t work with proprietary Nvidia-drivers.
    Options are either use nouveau or X11 and nvidia.
    But I don’t think the work on this should take too much time. But after all it’s Nvidia and theire astonishing Linux-Support…
    Lucky me, Iam using i3 and when support is done i will switch to sway. But Iam not in a hurry.


  • @mutze said in Can't Start Wayland Plasma from LightDM or SDDM:

    At the moment Wayland doesn’t work with proprietary Nvidia-drivers.

    Not totally true ;) I get this working under Gnome 3.24, and was able to start a session too!
    But it was very slow and eats all of my CPU+Memory… so on one hand needs a lot configuration and on the other hand it is not complete at all…

  • @joekamprad
    So your CPU did the trick and not your GPU. This will change at the time Nvidia releases a driver with wayland support.


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