• Compton in Xfce: yes or no?

    Years ago people recommended replacing the default compositing manager in Xfce with compton, for better performance and to avoid screen-tearing issues.

    Since I’m going to use Xfce as my default desktop I’d like to know if this is still suggested or if xfwm has improved in the meantime…

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi,

    It will depend on your graphics card and driver. I’ve never experienced issues with the xfwm compositor. Why don’t just try it?


  • I’m using xfce with compton, but its more out of habit than anything. Not had any issues with the xfwm compositor myself for a long time, so I would recommend to try it. If everything works fine, no need to change. If you experience any issues like screen tearing, then try compton and see if things get any better.

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