• What's the point about the wiki?


    I’ve been wanting to add some documentation, hardware compatibility and maybe some other stuff, which is currently still missing on the Arch wiki. I wondered though, would it be interesting to add laptop hardware compatibility to the Antergos wiki or directly to the arch wiki, since we all use the arch wiki too.

    The Antergos wiki looks more like a blog or how to database at first sight.

    So can anyone tell me, what is the point of the Antergos wiki and what kind of info should be put on there and when on the Arch wiki?

  • Be carefull to add content to ArchWiki as they want us (Antergos-User) to contribute to Antergos Forum and Wiki.
    I see no problem on adding Arch Linux related stuff to ArchWiki, but as Antergos have also more and more Antergos packages, and doing configuration preinstalled there are differences. (not that this will say you can not have this as a Pure ArchLinux user ;) )
    I start to put Wiki articles to Antergos Wiki, and after some struggeling with the interface it is handy to do.
    On my point of view it needs a better menu and structure enhancement but i would like to see it growing!
    And also ArchWiki is often very complicated and demands a whole lot of basic knowledge, which is shown by the omission of prerequisite knowledge!
    May the day will come, ArchLinux users come to our Wiki to get help ;)

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  • Hi,

    If you want to add/update some info to an already written Arch article, by all means, do so.

    On the other hand, if you want to create a new entry, I’d ask you to do it in the Antergos wiki :grin:


  • You’ve both made good points.

    Since the information I can provide is the only information that is missing from the Arch Wiki, I’d rather do it there. I don’t have too many antergos-specific stuff installed anyway. The hardware support is provided by software that is maintained by Arch people, as I understand correctly.

    I’m talking for example about the Lenovo laptops that we use at work. They are new models, not mentioned at: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Laptop/Lenovo#T_series. So I’d be glad to test Antergos on these and provide input on the wiki. If the Antergos wiki had such a page, I’d be glad to contribute it, but rather not start it from scratch in this case. I’m not a good wiki layouter (or in general) anyway.

    I will however contribute new content to the Antergos wiki. I have some ideas already.

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