• The best way to backup arch, grsync? timeshift? or rsync script?

    Hello, guys. I’m new to Arch and I’m now using Antergos.
    I tried to find the best way to backup the system. It should have the ability to recover the system and all applications. But I got confused with so many options. Timeshift could help you create snapshots in a simpley way, while timeshift cannot even be correctly installed on the Antergos…
    Any idea which one is the best and the simplest way to recover the system? Thanks!

  • @ztlevi1993 I’ve been researching this myself and found out about fsarchiver to backup a whole partition. The system rescue cd is a good tool for that: http://www.system-rescue-cd.org/ to do that in offline mode

    For file history backup, deja-dup is a basic but decent tool.

  • you need a organized way to do it and think smart…
    I never do system backups only backup configs and packagelist, personal data is bind to system and on a different hd, this personal data i backup to external storage and online-storage.
    Best is to not braeking the system, by carefully updates and if tinkering do it organized, and always undo stuff if it is not working.
    If you try to install something and do not like it or it does not work then uninstall it with all dependencies and remove configs.

  • @joekamprad Hi, again… Thank you!
    You mean do package list backup like

    pacman -Qqe package_list.txt
    pacman -S `cat package_list.txt`

    But how to restore the packages if the system crash? For example, my settings on Nvidia driver crash and cannot figure out a proper way to recover the system, and I could only get into tty at that time.

    And for the configs? I put the necessary dotfiles from my home directory in my git repo, and create a script to generate the symbolic links. Is there any other I could do to better backup the configs?

  • You can access your HD out of the LiveIso as long as the hd is not defect…
    You can do a arch-chroot into your system and recover it without booting, there you can also use pacman to reinstall packages, rebuild kernel images repair grub…as like you are on TTY2 …

    If i want to rebuild my system i install only base system and reinstall all my packages from backup list.
    config files e.t.c. i put back by hand… but i do not have a complicated system so this is easy.
    mostly files under .config .local plus stuff inside fstab and special kernelparameter i need for get stuff worked as i want…
    (But this only caus i do not find any backup solution minimalistic and clean to do this for me) …

    I was planning to buildup a backup server to do this work for me regularly, i have 4 Antergos machines here needing backups ;)

  • @joekamprad said in The best way to backup arch, grsync? timeshift? or rsync script?:

    i install only base system

    Well, sounds good! Your base system reinstall is a very good point here for me. Additionally, I would backup my home folder to keep the configs.
    One more question. Should the package list include the packages explicitly installed or just all installed?

  • @joekamprad What are the exact commands to; backup configs and package list from system and different users?

  • I just use a amateurish bash skript, it copy my config files to data Disk.
    Each file have one line…

  • I have my personal data and home on a 200g partition, rest of the system on a 50gb partition.
    It leaves me about 130gb free space for any changes I may need, and another 50gb for entire partition backup.
    So I just clone my / on the other 50gb partition once a week as overnight job.
    There are faster ways, but I like to have system b added to grub that I can boot anytime with same working stuff…
    But a disk failure can own me as hell, gotta do something about that too.

  • interesting treat is this on the image backup stuff:

  • You may try to adapt this to your situation.

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