• Connect my PC with SmartTV

    Hi! i’m trying to find a package that allow me to connect my pc to my smarttv through router, both are wired to router. (use tv as monitor basically, but not using hdmi, usb etc, just the router)

    Any ideias?

  • plex-media-server
    But is for media straming only…
    But you want to uise the smart TV over network as a monitor ?

  • @joekamprad i read about plex, yes it’s somethinf about configuring directories etc, i want to access any site, youtube etc and see in my smarttv.

    But you want to uise the smart TV over network as a monitor ?

    Yes, is it too weird? I thought there was something like that, but i couldn’t find anything.

  • There are some ways for example miracast https://github.com/albfan/miraclecast
    I for myself ended up in buying a long hdmi-cable and do it the “oldskool”-way because it simply works.


  • @mutze said in Connect my PC with SmartTV:

    para mí terminó en la compra de un largo cable HDMI

    Equally for me!

  • hehehe, i understand, in my case i’d need a hdmi-vga conversor and the cable, or a big cable (2 or 3 meters) with vga in one side and hdmi in the other side. And as i already need to buy a lot of things i want to save save money if there is an alternative.
    Is it possible to connect throug USB-USB? (i’m buying such a cable soon)

  • I don’t think that you will be able to get this working with usb. The problem will be the tv-software.
    The cable isn’t so expensive at all roundabout 10 Euro.


  • MiracleCast provides software to connect external monitors to your system via Wifi. It is compatible to Miracast. Link-management works, everything else is still being worked on.


  • @joekamprad i installed here for testing, then just copied and pasted some commands and didn’t work hehehe, anyway my pc doesn’t have wifi (but i thought it could send to router). So far nothing…

    Still digging.

  • For this to work your tv must also know the miracast protocol.
    May I ask you which tv you are using?


  • @mutze

    May I ask you which tv you are using?

    Samsumg 5200
    5 series

  • @fernandomaroto So your TV is able to do screenmirroring which is the “Samsung-Slang” for miracast.
    You should do the steps desribed in the github page I linked in one of my posts above.
    If this don’t work I can be no help anymore. I only tried this with a Philips-TV I owned roughly 2 years ago and it didn’t work.
    I gave up and connected it with cable and all was ok and I never tried since then.


  • @mutze hehehe, ok i will try again when i can.

    if this don’t work I can be no help anymore.

    That’s ok, thanks for your help.

    I even started to study about network, since i’m very noob :)

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