• Why is gnome so incredibly thick ?

    I like and use gnome desktop, but why are the window borders so thick ? it takes up way too much horizontal screen real-estate on my screen and it is unnecessary , its like theme developers are in a contest to see who can make the thickest window borders lol.
    Can someone recommend me a gnome theme with thin window borders?

  • @just !
    It also works for me, I did not know it, thank you


    $ yaourt -S gtk-theme-minwaita
  • @judd oh it was already in the default repositories , no sabia eso

  • @just yeah man it is good,i wast lookin for somethin just liek it thanks how do you mark this as solved ? i forgot

  • @cookiedemon said in Why is gnome so incredibly thick ?:

    …how do you mark this as solved ?..


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