• first usb boot list black screen

    Hi, I’m a bit of a noob and I’m trying to install antergos on my laptop. Once I try to boot from a usb, I get a list of boot files I’m guessing? It lists different x86 versions, an nvidia something, and the default loader. I have tried most of them and they have all ended in a black screen. Please help!

  • Loks like EFI System and nvidia latest graphic-card or i am wrong?

  • @joekamprad haha I think so

  • If you can easy way should be to use internal graphics for installation, and after boot into the installed system install nvidia driver instead of the nouveau drivers.
    But if you can not do this you can only play around with kernel parameter options:
    together with setting bootup to the resolution of your Monitor.

  • @joekamprad I’m using a laptop with intel graphics

  • aha then why do not say this before? ;)
    This is intel only or hybrid card with intel/nvidia ?

  • May you have to wait only a bit more longer on waiting to bootup, this happens on EFI systems and usb bootup sometimes.

  • @joekamprad It is intel HD 5500

  • This card should work, only what you can try is to put graphicmode to resolution of your monitor and wait till its booting to LiveEnvironment.
    If this does not work some users use this as kernel parameter to solve hangs:

  • @joekamprad sorry, I’m not sure what that means. Which option out of the efi menu should I select?

  • I think that one you need to run for installation not any special the standard but no booting it, add option to it by pressing “e”
    and then search for a line where you find quiet and put what i give you behind this, then boot up by pressing Enter

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