• ZFS clone - cannot create '$', missing dataset name


    Damn thats cold, and people say debian community is not friendly!
    They should try arch.

    Anyway :

    Im trying to make a copy of my main ZFS partition to a same size disk from a snapshot.
    Im new to ZFS.I could just use dd or rsync and leave it over night but this one should be faster if I just manage it to work somehow.
    I’ve found in a google similar error and solution was about just renaming target partition but the cmd was different so I dont think it would work in my case.

    antergos/zfs 0.7.0rc3.r2609.4.9.6_1-1 [installed]
    antergos/spl-utils 0.7.0rc3.r1017.4.9.6_1-1 (system zfs) [installed]
    antergos/zfs-utils 0.7.0rc3.r2609.4.9.6_1-1 (system) [installed]
    $zfs clone [email protected] arch2
    cannot create 'arch2' missing dataset name
  • @ansgar

    I know nothing about zfs, but shouldn’t you specify your pool’s name? Something like

    zfs clone tank/[email protected] tank/arch2

    Suposing that tank is your pool’s name, that is.

    Here you have more info:


  • @karasu Hello.Ty for reply!

    Indeed my friend, pool should be specified and it is, or at least I think so!
    Arch1 is my one pool, arch2 is my another pool, both representing other drives.
    So ‘tank’ prefix in that case would be a…Third pool? I dont consider it solution unfortunately but I know only basics so maybe it is.

    Or maybe I should just

    zpool create -o mountpoint=/anything/anywhere /arch2/anything 
    zfs clone [email protected] /arch2/anything(or /anything/anywhere?) 

    But I dont want to experiment until I’m sure I can rollback my things…😆
    Grub can be a prick.

    There are few vids on yt like ‘amazing things you can do with ZFS’ and its about an hour long mostly.
    Good to start with ZFS I guess, and this thing is truly amazing! I’ve Just managed my broken drive to work (ext4 was segfault all the time), created encrypted and compressed partitions back and forth, this thing can magic! Totally worth to learn it ;)

  • Hi,

    I see now. I think you’re right and you have to give a name to the clone in the destination volume, so I think this should work:

    zfs clone [email protected] arch2/anything

    Here you have some more info:

    But yes, I think you need someone with some experience on zfs…


  • Oh, so looks like this could be it.
    I will read some more to get some courage and test it soon!
    If I dont post anything in a few days it means it could not work 🔥


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