• RAW file thumbnails in Nautilus

    Nautilus doesn’t show thumbnails for RAW files. So I installed raw-thumbnailer, restarted Nautilus and still the same problem.

    This ist the raw.thumbnailer file in /user/share/thumbnailers:

    [Thumbnailer Entry]
    Exec=/usr/bin/raw-thumbnailer -s %s %u %o
  • You need to quit nautilus and remove all thumbnails stored before:

    nautilus -q
    rm -rf .cache/thumbnails/* .thumbnails/*
  • Many thanks, but unfortunately it doesn’t work.

  • @Gerhard .raw preview is one of the main and many reasons that I prefer using KDE.
    In gnome if you can not manage to make raw-thumbnailer to work properly, I suggest you to use darktable also as a .raw viewer and of course for .raw edditing.
    (also works fine for all other image formats)
    Just the Best!

  • @linuxited Thanks, darktable is a really good recommendation.

    Nevertheless, I just tried .raw preview on a second machine which runs Gnome Ubuntu 17.04. It works without any problems. So it seems not to be a Gnome issue.

  • @Gerhard I hope that you will manage to make it work.
    I was never satisfied from nautilus with raw-thumbnailer speed and performance in every distro with gnome DE that I tried.

  • raw-thumbnailer is also last updated 2016, may the package needs investigation to work with nautilus, and this is not already managed for the Archlinux package, i see also a gnome-raw-thumbnailer on github.

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