• PC continues to freeze after BIOS update

    Now after long and windy road updating the BIOS of this PC, I can see that the tendency of freezing has not disappeared.

    If I leave the PC unattended after starting it, so that it stays showing login dialog, after some time it does not anymore respond. Today just a moment it stopped responding in the middle of writing this story.

    I gathered two sets of logs, first containing journal0 and journal1, I think.
    The second only journal0 after the latest or second latest freeze. Cannot pay attention precisely because there are so many of these freezes again. The files are 7zip files.

    https:// pastebin.com/4Zg9sPpv

    So, it seems the BIOS update to year 2014 version did not much help. I feel very worried when connecting somewhere involving payments… it may easily fail completely if this PC freezes.

    Thanks for all the help!

  • @vpp21 probably the first link has an extra space invalidating it. It should be easy to fix.

  • @vpp21 PC STOP FREEZING NOW! ##

  • Thanks for the encouragement! PC seems to be up and running still… :)

    Now I bumped into another issue which is similar to @Caiosama205’s issue. Both Chromium and Clementine are suffering from it, because they seem to use that libwebpmux.so.3 library.

    If I look at /usr/lib, the current libwebpmux.so points to libwebpmux.so.2.0.2, not to any libwebpmux.so.3*.

    Has somebody taken it away from the repository?

  • Well, at least both applications started again after “pacman -Syyu”, although only ffmpeg2 and gst-plugins-bad were updated…?!

    So, I checked today also the xscreensaver settings with “xscreensaver -demo”. It was not enabled, but now that it is, xscreensaver does not activate. There are smaller defects here and there, but if I only found out the reason for the freezing, I’d be so glad.

  • If you have packages build from AUR you can update all together with:

    yaourt -Syua

    the libwebpmux.so problem should be fixed with updating and reboot.

    You are using SSD as System disk (sry, i do not remember)

  • How would I know?

    This PC originally had an SSD and it was holding the OS, but as the PC did not originally work, I had to remove suspicious parts. I replaced the SSD with a conventional hard disk.

  • Sorry but pastebin.com is really hate me and i can not get the files downloading is corrupting the 7z files.#

    Note: pastebin.com is blocked for some people and has a history of annoying issues (javascript, adverts, poor formatting, etc). Do not use it.

  • Thanks for trying! Should I try another way of compressing?

  • The previous update included two journals "b -o and -b 1) after the first freeze yesterday and this one only the latest “journal -b 0” after the freeze while browsing this forum last night.


  • there is also a kernel trace linked to your motherboard, so Bios Update not fully satisfy Linux-Kernel…
    But looks very clean on booting.

    trace shows some crypto stuff about nouveau fails…

    TRACKER: if you do not make use of gnome.music gnome-documents then uninstall it

    #sudo pacman -Rsn tracker

    I would do also install nvidia drivers instead of nouveau, as i have freezing and other issues on my card with nouveau also… and it is gone by using the nvidia driver:

    #sudo pacman -S nvidia-installer
    #sudo nvidia-installer -t

    if it looks good

    #sudo nvidia-installer
  • When the OS boots and there’a a text window first open, it contains a varying number of lines, but generally it has lines informing “<timestamp> kvm: disabled by bios”. Is that a problem?

  • @vpp21 said in PC continues to freeze after BIOS update:

    kvm: disabled by bios

    could be also related to nouveau and solveable with nvidia driver…

    Also possible fix this in the Bios settings CPU Virtualization option enable/disable somewhat…

  • I kind of remember from the earlier rescue operations that I couldn’t get nvidia drivers to work?!
    I suppose it happened when the display stayed black…

    Should I try that again? How to swap from nouveau to nvidia? Do I also need to swap lightdm to gdm?

  • Oh, first I didn’t even see your remarks about installing nvidia stuff… I will try those steps… Thanks @joekamprad!

    Stakka Bo: Happy Man… (I wish I was…)

  • nvidia-installer -t: Do not run this installer in test mode with administrative privileges

  • I ran the nvidia-installer. It said it will remove conflicting packages and completed. Still I have a feeling that I am not using that nvidia, but still nouveau. Those kvm disabled messages still came during boot.

    It had also another effect. Earlier running Clementine says now “Internal data stream error” for every song in my playlist… Strange…!?

  • @vpp21 said in PC continues to freeze after BIOS update:

    nvidia-installer -t: Do not run this installer in test mode with administrative privileges

    yes typo from me…but installing only works with admin rights ;)

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