• Can't login to gmail with Evolution

    when i add my gmail account in evolution i get the good authentication popup and so i enter my username and password but as soon as i click “next” after entering my password it get an error saying “something went wrong, please try again” and then a blank screen. i don’t get the approve/deny page.
    how to i find out why I’m getting this error? and how do i get my gmail account up and running?

  • try to revalidate:
    go to online accounts and do not input your emailadress instead go to forget email address and proceed.
    It will ask you for your Phone Number or emailadress and starts revalidating.

  • yeah, another issue is that I can’t create a new online account in the KDE settings manager. I click the plus icon but nothing actually happens… is that for another post or is it related do you think?

  • Not an Evolution solution, but I would give Nylas a shot. Open source and offers two-factor authentication for Gmail out of the box. After trying Evolution, Thunderbird, and Geary, I found Nylas to be much quicker to sync, simple, and just works without issue.

  • thanks, i would love to give nylas a go but i like evolution because of its calendar integration.

  • Lowest hanging fruit, but have you enabled ‘less secure apps’? When i used Evolution, i couldn’t sync without this…

  • yes, that is enabled.

  • I’ll bow out. Never had a problem syncing Gmail with Evolution in Gnome provided the above. I’ve not used Evolution in any other DE.

  • @triode13 https://www.nylas.com/pricing/ Yes may opensource but it is overpriced a lot to get use of a free of costs google account…

  • @christianbrooker All the time Google Online Accounts issued on Linux … but it will be solved …
    In the last year it was mostly a validation issue what repeatly comes back.

  • @joekamprad said in Can't login to gmail with Evolution:

    @triode13 https://www.nylas.com/pricing/ Yes may opensource but it is overpriced a lot to get use of a free of costs google account…

    You don’t have to pay for N1.


  • @mutze nice to see this.
    I m using geary, well integrated and also no problem with gmail…

  • unfortunately i need an email client the supports exchange ews. only nylas pro has that which is $12 a month. the thunderbird exchange addon is also pay for license. so i’m pretty much left with evolution.

  • https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/63950?hl=en
    I think you only need to get validated to your account, rhis can be done in different ways, as you do not use a common setup like gnome+evolution kde+kmail

  • You have to reset your password, for login to your account and you can also contact your Gmail customer care for a step-by-step solution.

    I am using AOL email and also downloaded AOL Gold. Which is also a good product.

  • Years ago I use pure Gmail as aplicaci + on and never had problems of polls or hacking, also always gmail aviza if I am really the person who is using the email account, in the end I have not had problems.

    Evolution on the other hand I do not use it from fedora and beyond, like Kmail and those, also if I’m outside of my computer area, I do it directly from the internet provider’s mail portal, I do not compliment at all.

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