• Firefox dejó de reproducir Netflix.

    Hola, después de una instalación nueva, de ayer, Firefox no reproduce Netflix, desde Gnome 3.22.1 andaba perfecto, casi que con mejor calidad de imagen que Google-Chrome(cual sin el no podríamos ver Netflix hasta ahora nos salva…).

    Pues ahora con Antergos recién instalado, en Gnome 3.24.1 ya no se puede reproducir con Firefox.

    Estimo que esto será momentáneo y los chicos de Mozilla tomarán cartas en el asunto !

    Es simplemente un comentario y tengo la última versión de Firefox instalada 53.0-1

    English= Firefox stopped playing Netflix.

    Hello, after a new installation, from yesterday, Firefox does not play Netflix, since Gnome 3.22.1 was perfect, almost with better image quality than Google-Chrome (which without it we could not see Netflix so far saves us …).

    Well now with newly installed Antergos, in Gnome 3.24.1 can no longer be played with Firefox

    I estimate this will be momentary and the guys from Mozilla will take action on the matter!

    It’s just a comment and I have the latest version of Firefox installed 53.0-1

  • @judd Is still working with Chrome? Did you test FIrefox on another DE?

  • @fernandomaroto said in Firefox dejó de reproducir Netflix.:

    Is still working with Chrome?

    Never stopped working

    Did you test FIrefox on another DE?

    No, I only prove in the DE that I use: Gnome

    However; This happens with a clean installation of Antergos realized yesterday, from where I am writing now is a installation of many months already and does not have this problem, Netflix works perfectly.

    Maybe some bookstore is needed that does not with us …

  • @judd after searching your problem on internet i found this topic. lol
    I don’t have netflix so i can’t test here. You can try to downgrade firefox just to check if is Firefox that is bugging…

  • @fernandomaroto
    First thanks for your concern!

    If the downgrade of the package solves the problem, then it works!

  • @judd You’re welcome 👍
    As far as i understand you’re trying to determine if Gnome 3.24.1 or firefox 53.0 is what cause the problem. So downgrading is worth trying.

  • If it really is so 👍


  • Judd, no lo entiendo, hiciste el downgrade de firefox y funciona o no?

    Judd, I do not understand. Did you downgrade firefox and it’s working now or not?


  • @karasu said in Firefox dejó de reproducir Netflix.:

    Judd, no lo entiendo, hiciste el downgrade de firefox y funciona o no?

    Si con el downgrade funciona, con la última versión: 53.0-1 no !

  • Esta es la solución para que firefox reprodusca sin problemas Netflix:

    Facil como conseguirlo en el centro de ayuda de Netflix:

    0_1493383928861_error netflix.png

    0_1493383968167_p netflix.png


    Eso es todo !!!

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