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    I’m very new with Btrfs. I’m trying to install Antergos on a Btrfs with subvolumes to use snapper to make snapshots as in OpenSuse. I found the following thread HOW TO: Installing to btrfs subvolume. Unfotunately I do not really understand the whole Btrfs/Snapper stuff.
    I was successfull with no. 1 and 2. As soon as i try to install it on the btrfs, I can not create a / on the btrfs partion. Please see the screen: Install Screen.
    I just can create a new partition table.

    Does somebody have an howto or can help me to realize this?

  • @mrremo Sorry if i’m saying the obvious but did you try to create a new partition table?



  • @fernandomaroto Thank’s for your replay. Sometimes we didn’t see the obvious ;-), but yes I did.
    As soon as I create a new patition table the installer will cretate a BIOS-Bootpartion and the btrfs is gone.
    You can see what happens in the screenshots: Screenshots.

  • Then first create this bios boot partition and then the btrfs partition, without System is not bootable… I will go intoit later in VM.

  • @joekamprad first of all, thanks for your effort!
    I tried to understand the whole btrfs/snapper thing once more, but I didn’t :-(. May you can explain it to me as well.
    My understanding is: To use snapper I need a partition formatted with btrfs, then I have to create a subvolume for / and next I have to install the OS on this subvolume.
    Sorry for my bad (maybe confusing) English…

  • You can talk denglish to me no problem ;)
    I can investigate on this, may @Archrysler can give us a hint here?

  • @joekamprad said in Antergos install btrfs:

    You can talk denglish to me no problem ;)

    I thought so…

  • Hi,

    I don’t think Cnchi supports installing Antergos into a BTRFS subvolume…


  • @karasu I think neither.

    @pyUser said in Antergos on a BTRFS (B-tree file system):

    My journey with the BTRFS
    Maybe one day I will write an installation guide on how I did these step to get Antergos working on BTRFS. Currently you have to install Antergos, select BTRFS in the installer and then after the installation finish, mount the partition, move the root and home files to their own subvolumes, edit the /etc/fstab file and reconfigure grub. But its not that hard.

    Can somebody maybe explain how to move the / and home to a subvolume?

    I found a instruction here. I will try this.

  • I was finally able to install Antergos on a btrfs (in VM only).
    @pyUser wrote an very good guide How to install it.
    Thanks again to @pyUser!!

    Right now, I’m playing with snapper. I will report my experiance.

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