• Unreal engine package in AUR

    Hello linux gurus, I just switched off of kubuntu and am trying to get off windows 10 permanently. But to do so I need to get Unreal engine working. Under the AUR package when I try to install it it is saying that I need clang above 4.0.0 when I checked I have 4.0.1 so is there a way to get this working?

  • here is clang-3.5 aviable at repo/extra:
    And before building make shure that you do nor run out of /tmp as read here:

  • that looks neat, but if its still at this stage, I guess I will have to maintain the dam windows 10, I can’t have my workflow interrupted over some iffy version of unreal right now. Thanks though👍

  • what i understand the engine itself does not support clang bigger then 4…

  • B.T.W. AUR does not host packages only Build instructions to build a package on your own ;)
    {caus of your TOPIC: " Unreal engine package in AUR}

  • @nicholas.romanticrose
    Can’t you just change the pkgbuild from makedepends=('clang<4.0.0' to makedepends=('clang<4.0.1'?
    Maybe will work.

  • I also experienced same thing long time ago when I move to antergos. I was going to compile Unreal but it needs clang 3.8.0 and I have 3.9.0
    So I downgrade clang to 3.8.0 with downgrade from aur, and changing TMPDIR in /etc/yaourtrc to somewhere with lot of free space if using yaourt.

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