• Which Music Player is it worth testing?

    I like the clementine.

  • Qmmp, Simple and Easy!
    alt text

  • Yesterday, I probably bumped into some limitation of Clementine. I have a lot of music on SATA hard disk and probably as much on a USB hard disk. Both also have quite a lot divx and mkv videos.
    When I connected the USB hard disk to the PC and started re-reading all library, the reading of the USB hard disk got stuck. I saw some error messages on the console terminal.
    I checked the disk with Gparted, but it found something that prevented a full check. The format is NTFS, so I checked it in Windows. After that, also Gparted accepted that disk.
    Now I tried again. Clementine got stuck at 89%. It was already late, so I didn’t check the console this time.
    But it gave me an impression that I have too many songs for Clementine to handle… don’t know for sure, though.

  • Does gmusicbrowser have any installation package?

  • It’s in the AUR

    yaourt -S gmusicbrowser

  • ¡Estupendo! Gracias @karasu!

  • However,

    yaourt -S gmusicbrowser

    curl error: Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?)

  • @vpp21 open a treat with this issue:
    yaourt: curl error: Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?

  • @vpp21 Get into ZFS, you will have almost no disk problems until it explode ;)
    Clementine is not so heavy and it handles big libraries well from my personal experience so I would not blame it, its probably the disk.

  • Quod Libet

    pacman -S quodlibet
  • deepin-music

  • I second Quod Libet, I really like it and it handles my 3k album library without any problems.

  • @megaman only the icon is not so nice ;)

  • Liking QMPlay2
    Qt based.

  • @joekamprad whats wrong with the icon?

  • @joekamprad that icon rocks! :) you dont like lollypops?

  • @joekamprad said in Which Music Player is it worth testing?:

    @megaman only the icon is not so nice ;)

    The csd looks ugly too.

  • Most player have gui with strange complex way to use it, what i need to do is mostly generate a playlist, for this there is need for eady browse and add what you need to the list. On play Mode it would be nice to get cover and info on what is playing.
    For this sonata with mpd works Good, but forcing mpd to play sound where i want is tricky…

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