• Which Music Player is it worth testing?

    I just get no idea what music player i can try to test?
    I have a very large library with more then
    20.000 songs … so always a huzzle to get them in order

    Would like to get a screenshot or link to page of it…

    At the moment i try nuvola (interesting for all this spotify lovers)
    Bild Text
    crashes on changing the settings, play only online stuff…

    And Noise Player:
    Bild Text
    fast slick and good looking, but no albumart…

    Bild Text
    Out of the box, finding albumart and the music folder is loaded automaticly… looks nice (as of the candy alike icon )

  • @joekamprad said in Which Music Player is it worth testing?:

    nuvola (interesting for all this spotify lovers)

    that’s me !!!

  • You could test Guayadeque, very modular, freely configurable UI, Covers, Lyrics … It’s available in the AUR.

  • @Jeannie____ i will, i think i try before already but as none of the tested ones are fully doing what i want them to do…

  • As a long time ArchLinux guy mpd should be the first to come up ;)

  • Hi,

    mpd with sonata is a nice option.

    I use mocp myself, I hate fancy ui. http://moc.daper.net/


  • ive been a fan of audacious for a while. i like the old school winamp skin you can use on it.

    wow 20k sounds? i dont think i could find time to listen to that many. megadeth and bill joel works for me 😎

  • @megaman no problem with mpd starting automatic, and streams over wifi to any audiodevice in the house ;)
    But most GUI Player break down or lag-down to zero use…!
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  • @joekamprad rip bowie 😞

    i typically just use my phone/google music app to bluetooth to my home stereo or car stereo.

    i might give your idea a shot also 👍

  • MPD take it easy to handle 20k soundfiles:
    Bild Text

    Bild Text

  • As my usecase ist somewhat special the player/server of my choice is Roon. PKG-Build for both are in AUR Server and Bridge
    There is no gui for linux and this will be the showstopper for most people beside the prize but its worth every cent in my opinion.
    I use my antergos-installation as server and have 2 raspis and 1 MacbookPro connected as endpoints. Beside there are 2 Tablets(Nvidia Shield K1 and iPad Air) and my iPhone SE used as remotes.
    I like the style how the informations are displayed and the ability to mix my music with songs from the internet(tidal-only at the moment).
    When it comes to soundquality which is most important for any music-player it plays all what i have to feed it (up to dsd and mqa)
    You can even let it re-down-up-sample with HQPlayer.
    I use Roon every day and never regret to buy it.

    0_1493572127879_Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 19.06.26.png

    I hope my english isn"t too bad so you can figure out what i have written down…


    Edit2: added image

  • @joekamprad I’m just curious here, is there any terminal command to count all the audio hours do you have with your music files? :P

  • @fernandomaroto ha ha have to (but i do not know) because almost every GUI Player can show this…

  • Not so much this are my 16500 mp3 files
    Bild Text

  • Full disclaimer - I’m an audiophile.

    I use MPD with ncmpcpp or Sonata. For non-MPD, I really like Audacious and deadBeef. Now if only I could figure out how to get album art inside a terminal running ncmpcpp. I’ve found bash scripts using different different terminal emulators, or even conky, but I’ve come up short in getting anything to work.

  • I used Amarok 1.4 for a small eternity. Then I needed a complete update PC + OS. So today I use Clementine which somehow owes to Amarok 1.4. Clementine lags behind only in iPod support. Clementine works well only in Linux. I use it also at work in Windows and there it is almost impossible to use.

  • gmusicbrowser can handle large libraries and has a nice configuarable interface with album art.

  • That’s good to know. Need to try one day. Thanks for the tip!

  • gmusicbrowser
    Bild Text
    very complex view options but easy to use and understand, needs some time to get it in the way you want it to look i think

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