• GNOME Desktop environment not loading - no login screen

    Hi guys, I’ve made the transition to Linux and Antergos about a month ago and have been happily using Antergos until about recently when there was a large system update: post that the GNOME desktop does not start.

    I have attempted to reinstall Antergos with the same result - there is no login screen (whether lightDM or GDM).

    When I installed the base and then installed GDM, GNOME and Nvidia drivers I was able to login and the desktop environment loaded; albeit with about 1GB memory usage straight away when this used to be about 540mb.

    I am currently stumped and although I can install everything with the base I am concerned as to why its taking up so much resources.

    System specs are:
    256GB SSD
    GeForce 1060

    Much obliged if anyone could shed some light or guide in the right direction.


  • This problem has now been solved simply by bringing up another TTY (CTRL+ALT+F4) and disabled LIGHTDM and installing GDM and enabling it.

    Otherwise installing the base straight with GDM does not cause the issue to occur.

  • If you get huge Disk space and a lot of datalike Music files or pictures Gnome takes a lot of rescources at first boots, because of Tracker is filling the database.
    Me as i do not use gnome-software tools like gnome-music gnome-photos gnome-documents i completly uninstall this. [tracker]

    [updates once a week] = [90% less problems]
    how to add system logs
    i3 GNOME

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