• update forces mate-calc [default calculator app]

    Since a while, any update forces to install mate-calc and kicks out my beloved galculator.
    (I love it, because of it’s ‘paper-mode’. Unbeatable.)
    Is there a way of setting galculator to ‘default’, so I don’t have to uninstall mate-calc and reinstall galculator all the time?

    (Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.)

  • I don’t think this would be the “recommended” approach, but…

    I prefer Galculator over mate-calc, too, so several weeks back I decided to switch the repo priorities, putting the Antergos repos last instead of first. I don’t know if this will break my Antergos installation or not, but now pacman no longer tries to replace galculator with mate-calc.

  • @mirco Hi!
    I GUESS you can just configure the calculator updates to be ignored, then the message won’t pop up. I always thought Mate/Gnome calculator were the same. Anyway i don’t use it anymore, i like SpeedCrunch, many funcionalities, higly configurable yet very simple.

  • @fernandomaroto Thanks for mentioning speedcrunch. I like it and now I’m using it. 🌞

    Deinstalled galculator and then the update-manager stops installing mate-calc.

    This is an ok solution for me, though not perfect, since other people still are forced to use mate-calc instead of galculator.

  • After much searching, as I prefer Galculator myself, I figured out an easy solution.
    Open pacman.conf & insert any package you wish to be ignored.
    IgnorePkg = galculator
    Simple, but effective.
    I posted this here because this thread pops up when searching the problem.

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