• Managing program installs on other drives or just symlink everything?

    Planning on going back to Arch/Antergos full time and just had a quick question.

    I have 4 SSDs in my system plus a M2 SSD. I plan on installing Antergos to the M2 SSD but the other 4 SSDs I have I want to have one for media, games, etc. What would be the best way of achieving this? Should I just put everything on the M2 SSD and then have my /home on one of the 500gb SSDs? But what about the others? Just create directories on them and symlink it to my /home or / partitions as needed?

    What’s the best way of getting these SSDs to be used as program storage and what not? Games, VMs, etc.

  • If you are up for it, use LVM https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/LVM.


    I would install the OS on M2 SSD and /home to one of the SSDs. That way, you will get one SSD for sure. Usually, symlink between two different hard drives is not a good idea. You can mount drives to /home/user/Music etc. Of course, this works if you are the only user.

  • I will be the only user. But is there really a way to get say wine and playonlinux to use a dedicated SSD over just going inside my /home partition and such?

    If I do that though, I’m going to have a pretty big / partition. Probably the biggest in the world LOL. 256gb samsung 950 pro.

  • You can specify wine directory via WINEPREFIX variable in the shell. Have a look at here for details: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/wine. Probably you can do it for PlayOnLinux as well but you need to check.

    Well, that is true. But, let’s say you wanna re-install your distro or install another one. Then, you dont need to worry about moving stuff around and space is not the issue for you. There is really not much of a difference playing movies or games from SSD to M2 SSD.

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