• Flagged as spam?! Cannot write a post!

    I’ve been trying to get this to work for 3 hours!
    Basically I am very new to Linux, let alone Antergos.
    I am trying to write a post in INSTALATION so that people could help me because I am stuck and cannot install and it keeps getting flagged as spam?!
    Please help me, it is getting really frustrating! Cannot install Antergos and cannot get help because I cannot even write a post.
    Viscious Circle.

  • AKISMET is doing this… if you are new user on board…
    If you still can not write a post join the IRC or give me a message here at the forum…

  • @joekamprad Thank you so much for your promt reply, I was working so I couldn’t get back sooner, I retried to post the original help post and it worked this time, you are right, it was because I was new to the forum. Anyhow I got my post up Thank you so much. by the way, should I mark this as solved or just delete this post? and how do you mark it as solved?

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