• Mi xfce es muy fea, ayudame

    i installed a new antergos with xfce as my desfault desktop enviroment but there is a bug where the same name is displayed mutliple times for different items shown here, you can see here that the names are seriously screwed up and that the items are named the same thing. what do i do to fix it ? i dont like it like this becuase its ugly.
    alt text

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  • @Archrysler im not sure if you’re an advertisment bot, your reply is completley irrelavant and poisonous for my goal,and by the looks of it you didn’t read my problem , instead you advertise some themes

  • @cookiedemon It was ugly since you installed or after some upgrade?

  • @cookiedemon !

    I’m glad to see you again here !!!

    Tell me something:

    Because you do not reinstall another desktop that is not XFCE, I tell you because it has its wits and sometimes it becomes ungovernable, a bit difficult, as advice test with another and you will see that it will do better than with XFCE or install packages From another desktop with the software installer (add or remove software) and when restarting searches at login and you will have your new desktop!

    Luck !

  • @judd Thanks, i decided i’ll try it one more time, but so far i’m having trouble again. Anyways ,your English is kinda strange to me, i’m having a bit of a hard time trying to grasp what you’re saying. Are you telling me that it’s best to do a fresh install of another desktop environment and then install xfce through package management software installer afterwards ?

  • @cookiedemon said in Mi xfce es muy fea, ayudame:

    Are you telling me that it’s best to do a fresh install of another desktop environment


    It happens that my English is bad because I use a translator, my language is Spanish …, in the end I do what I can!

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