• Gnome 3.24 upgrade - all extensions disabled

    Since I upgraded Gnome to 3.24 all my extensions are disabled and I cannot reenable any of them as they’re greyed out in Tweak Tool.

    Uninstalling from http://extensions.gnome.org doesn’t work. I removed and reinstalled them manually but they’re still disabled. I also tried gsettings and dconf-editor to enable them manually but nothing seems to work.

    Is anybody else having the same problem, or can help me?

  • I had the same problem last night after upgrading to Gnome 3.24. In Gnome Tweak Tool on the ‘Extensions’ tab there is a master switch at top right, which kept re-setting itself to off. I also tried removing and reinstalling extensions from the Gnome extensions web site. this was using Opera and Epiphany (Web) browsers. Tried using Chromium to do the same and eventually a couple of extensions started to work. Don’t know if this was just coincidence or not.
    This morning the basic extensions were working and I was able to install other extensions, even those which were shown as not being compatible with current version of Gnome Shell last night. The only extension now showing an error is Mailnag.
    So, not sure what happened, but it seems to be sorting itself out.

  • Xler8, thanks so much. I missed that master switch completely - it seems to work now!

    BTW I only have Firefox installed, so I don’t think it has to do with a specific browser.

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