• no sound while recording desktop with simplescreenrecorder

    Hello there, I’m having problem whith SSR. I can record the desktop but there isn’t sound…Don’t know what to do. I’m using cinnamon, please someone help me

  • What is about choosing the right source in the Record audio settings ?
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  • Thank you for reply…It’s set the same way in this picture…

  • I try and record sound is no problem here… depending on your source you need to change the input source … possibleyou want to talk over microphone or putting the music you play on the computer in the background i do not know…

  • How to change the input source? Switching pulseaudio to alsa? I have in another HD linux mint cinnamon installed with simple screen recorder, the sound is fine there, then I looked alsamixer and set the same configuration here in antergos but sound is not working. Could it be some codec missing?

  • needed codecs should be installed by SSR … but you can do:

    pacman -Qs gstreamer

    SSR itself should be able to use pulse and alsa…
    Also if you use pulseaudio you can add :

    sudo pacman -S pamixer paprefs pavucontrol

    And then play around with or you say exactly what audio source you want to record together with screencast then i can say some more specific

  • I installed using : sudo pacman -S pamixer paprefs pavucontrol…no sound, used pulseaudio and alsa

    I runned : pacman -Qs gstreamer, and it give me this:

    local/clutter-gst 3.0.24-1
    GStreamer bindings for clutter
    local/gst-libav 1.10.4-1
    GStreamer Multimedia Framework ffmpeg Plugin
    local/gst-plugins-bad 1.10.4-3
    GStreamer Multimedia Framework Bad Plugins
    local/gst-plugins-base 1.10.4-1
    GStreamer Multimedia Framework Base Plugins
    local/gst-plugins-base-libs 1.10.4-1
    GStreamer Multimedia Framework Base Plugin libraries
    local/gst-plugins-good 1.10.4-1
    GStreamer Multimedia Framework Good Plugins
    local/gst-plugins-ugly 1.10.4-1
    GStreamer Multimedia Framework Ugly Plugins
    local/gstreamer 1.10.4-1
    GStreamer Multimedia Framework
    local/gstreamer-vaapi 1.10.4-1
    GStreamer Multimedia Framework VAAPI Plugin
    local/totem 3.24.0-1 (gnome)
    Movie player for the GNOME desktop based on GStreamer

    I would like record using pulseaudio, I just record some videos or program tv from the web browser

  • /you: “I just record some videos or program tv from the web browser”
    /me: there are better ways to do this !

    /you: I installed using : sudo pacman -S pamixer paprefs pavucontrolno sound
    You need to use the installed programs to get a result out of them …
    First you need to make shure that your sound pipes into the right way means this what is offered by SSR or input is limited to one? or more options, you need to pipe your sound that it fits with it.

    And also we get a lot of screencast tools so you are noot sticked to SSR alone…

    4 first hits with pamac…
    EasyScreenCast > gnome-extension only

  • I installed kazam and vokoscreen, there is sound!!! I think the sound is low, I’ll try put the volume 100% and see what happen. Even SSR is with sound but not to good like vokoscreen and kazam

  • OMG!!! It’s workin!!! Today I came here to read what you said the last reply and then I understand the link you posted abou pamixer paprefs pavucontrol…

    I watched the videos and typed pavucontrol in terminal and that window sound opened, then I just configured the sound and now is fine!!!

    Thank you so much for your help, your help me a lot!!!

    Before close the topic one more question. I don’t know if I can ask this here but I like to play the sims 4, and it’s needed install origin, is possible install it ?

  • playonlinux you mean? i have no clue about games and wine, sry!

  • It’s ok.You can mark the topic as solved.Thank you!

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