• DELL XPS 13 9360 - no wifi after boot

    Hey guys,

    I already installed antergos successfully on my brand new XPS 13.
    But unfortunately I m not able to connect directly after boot automatically with my 5 GHz WiFi.
    If I switch off and on again the WiFi on the notebook, it works. I I try to connect after boot to my 2,4 GHZ WiFi, it works too. Only the auto connection to the 5 GHz WiFi is a problem.

    Do you have any idea??

    Thanks in advance.

  • Please, send the output of dmesg | grep ath10k.

    Does running one of these commands let you connect to 5GHz?

    rfkill block wifi
    rfkill unblock wifi
    rmmod ath10k 
    modprobe ath10k 
  • AIt’s working now, after installing rfkill and upgrading to the newest LTS kernel.

    Thanks ;)

  • Unfortunatelly I have to reopen this topic again. Following the requested Output of lsmod:

    [email protected] ~]$ lsmod | grep ath10k
    ath10k_pci             45056  0
    ath10k_core           294912  1 ath10k_pci
    ath                    28672  1 ath10k_core
    mac80211              692224  1 ath10k_core
    cfg80211              524288  3 mac80211,ath,ath10k_core
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