• DE and battery life

    After today’s updates I can not log in to the system :/ I thought it was a good time to install everything from scratch and choose a different desktop environment.
    In my laptop the battery no longer works as it used to. Is it true that if I install a lightweight DE for example xfce I can extend the battery work?
    So far I’ve used gnome3 about which I’ve heard that it’s pretty heavy

  • For an idle system, yes gnome3 will consume more juice than xfce. But, it depends on the applications you are using. For example, if you watch youtube videos and stuff on a web browser, DE wont matter.

    Since you are installing a new system it is better for you to try and see for your use. Also, gnome3 in astergos is the most lightweight gnome3 I have ever seen.

  • x2 on lightest/fastest Gnome 3 with Antergos.

    Your screen brightness will have more impact on battery life than DE.

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