• Samsung 4K TV - How To Output?

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a Dell XPS 13 that I can output to a 1080P TV with no issues via USB-C to HDMI cable. However, I just bought a 4K TV, and am now trying to output my computer video to it, but it is not working.

    It looks like Arch detects the TV correctly, screenshot below:

    However, I do not see my desktop or anything outputted to the TV. I tried adjusting the refresh rates (24Hz and 30Hz) and it made no difference. Is there some additional tweaks / hacks I need to do to get 4K working properly?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Anyone that can help please?

  • Does thid is not needing such display-link stuff ?
    can you provide:

    dmesg > dmesg  && tar -cf dmesg.tar dmesg

    will produce a dmesg.tar you can upload somehow and post the link here

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