• Unable to Remove some Packages

    I am new to antergos. I just installed the KDE version. I was trying to remove Clementine and Transmission but it is associated with a lot of dependancies which I fear might break the system. is there a way to remove it?

  • What do you use for uninstalling?

  • @joekamprad the GUI package manager. Also tried the terminal “pacman -Rs <program name>” gave me a similar error.

  • pacman -Rs [package] >Remove package with all required dependencies (if not required by other installed packages)
    So this is save!

    pacman -Rs clementine                                      1 ↵
    checking dependencies...
    Packages (8) crypto++-5.6.5-2  libechonest-2.3.1-1  libgpod-0.8.3-4
                 liblastfm-1.0.9-2  mutagen-1.37-1  qjson-0.9.0-1  sg3_utils-1.42-1
    Total Removed Size:  32.27 MiB
    :: Do you want to remove these packages? [Y/n]
  • Oh… okay.!! There are the packacges it wants to remove, its a huge list. Check out the image. Error

  • @siddverma96 this is not with option -Rs this is -Rss [Remove the package with all required dependencies and their dependencies]

    Please use terminal and pacman to remove packages may your pamac is misconfigured.

    sudo pacman -Runs clementine transmission-qt

    If this does not do what you want, try to remember what you have done with configuration pacman or bash e.t.c.

  • That s normal. The culprit is the antergos-kde-setup. You ll find it in the antergos repo. I guess that should you decide to unistall it, you ll have to make a list of what s being unistalled so you can re-install them afterwards.

    • Sorry, I don t know if there s an easier way…
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