• gnome appearing twice in greeter

    I did a standard clean install, set up i3wm, and have been using antergos for about a week. I’d noticed that gnome appears twice in the greeter menu. Today, I installed the material lightdm webkit theme. Everything works fine, but I get a hideous error dialog on the greeter screen that says something might be wrong. Looking at the logs, I see that the error is due to duplicate entries in the select list, which is definitely due to the repeated gnome entries. Why would gnome appear twice, and is it possible to remove one entry?

  • /usr/share/wayland-sessions/gnome.desktop

    This two ones putting the double GNOME.

    I would do move this one outof the way, and not erasing it so you can put it back if you have to:

    cd /usr/share/xsessions
    sudo mv gnome.desktop gnome.desktop.backup
  • Thanks…that seems to be the cause.

    Should I remove the wayland one or the xsession one? I guess it doesn’t matter either way for me as I mostly use i3wm, but if I remove the xsession one, does that mean I’ll be using Wayland when I log in to gnome? Are there drawbacks with x vs wayland? I know very little about wayland. Do you have a good link where I can learn more about it?

  • both gnome sessions try to start wayland, file is exactly the same inside.
    If you do not use wayland you can move both of them…

  • learn more about wayland is kind of impossible at the moment it is under heavy development, you can check there internetside and try to find info:

  • Thanks… removing one solves the problem.

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